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ABOUT RTS Berserseker Evolve 2 KIT:

This kit is for someone who wants a bow Ready To Shoot out of the box as you get ALL the accesories + the String Accessories PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED!

The RTS in the package stands for Ready To Shoot, the common lingo in Archery for bows that come with the string accessories, namely the peep sight, d-loop, string silencer and wrist sling, installed by a bow technician.

The package also has your Bow Sight and other accessories already installed on the bow which means all you have to do is take the bow out of the box, screw in your Apex Stabiliser and start sighting in your brand new bow. Also includes a Release Aid which will improve your Form and Accuracy dramatically and is almost essential for modern compound bows.

Here is the full list of gear you get in this kit:

  • RTS Berserker Bow
  • Arm Guard ($14.95)
  • 3x 30″ Carbon Arrows ($24)
  • INSTALLED Booster Optic Sight ($34.95)
  • Booster Stabiliser ($25)
  • INSTALLED Tubular Peep Sight (6)
  • INSTALLED String Silencer ($5.50)
  • INSTALLED D-Loop Material ($5)
  • INSTALLED Wrist Sling ($11.50)
  • Quiver ($29.95)
  • INSTALLED Full Brush Arrow Rest ($25)
  • Installation Tools (FREE)
  • Release Aid ($34.95)

Professional installation of String Accessories by Bow Technician ($40):

  • Installed String Silencer
  • Installed D-Loop Material
  • Installed Tubular Peep

Black, Camo, Outback


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