B3 The Hunter sight


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B3 The Hunter Sight, all steel pins, superior dovetail design, 5 pin aperture, industry leading windage adjustment, durable, unique 3rd axis adjustment, dependable.

Today’s Bowhunters demand sights that are precise, convenient to use, dependable and durable! With the amount of energy going through today’s fast bows and the rigours of back-country hunting, sights must be able to stay tight and true, hold their levels and be vibration free.

Having the ability to move the entire scale of a hunting sight can be a huge advantage while hunting, when longer distances are required. Have your pins set up with your 3 primary distances, then have the option of moving your sight to use the bottom pin as a floater to go out to further range with the use of a sight tape.

B3’s The Hunter Sight features a five pin aperture with superior all steel pins with 0.019 fibre optic to gather the most light possible. Steel pins are sturdy in construction to be the most brush resistant whilst navigating through dense scrub.

Three different positions are available to secure the vertical bar to the sight, so that the most usable amount of the 2″ vertical scale can be achieved. The Hunting sight by B3 features a 6″ extension bar with precision click in locators to secure your sight in the exact same position every time.

Featuring a unique 3rd axis system that is a breeze to adjust, this sight is equally at home on the 3D course.

Comes in a durable, lock down sight carrying case with snapping latches and egg crate, high density, closed cell foam padding in the lid and base of the interior of the case to sandwich your sight for worry free transportation. Made of tough, extra thick, black colour polypropylene and is lockable.

Light and quiet, the best all machined metal sight.

  • Vertical elevation adjustments to extend the range of your pins
  • All machined metal parts with no moulded plastics
  • A micro adjust windage unit with no excess travel, the most precise available with under 0.001″ per click
  • Adjustments for 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis
  • Dual adjustable indicators
  • Provides 2″ of elevation adjustment
  • Lightweight, durable and dependable
  • 5 pin aperture. Also comes in 3 pin aperture which is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • 0.019″ fibre optic pins. Also comes in 0.015″ and 0.010″ fibre optic pins are which are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Comes with a lock down sight carrying case
  • Constructed of aircraft grade aluminium and weighs only 7 ounces or 198 grams
  • Comes in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Made in the USA
  • B3 Sights are used by Champion Archer Braden Gellentien

The Hunter Sight is the feature packed, precision, sturdy sight you have been looking for to take on your next big hunt. Try B3’s The Hunter Sight today and enjoy the difference.


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