Delta McKenzie Pro 3D Mule Deer


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Delta McKenzie Pro 3D Mule Deer, formerly known as McKenzie Natra Look Mule Deer. Height 38″ or 96cm, Body Length 52″ or 132cm.

Innovative design, realistic appearance and tournament proven durability.

With complete body painting to protect the finish from ultra violet sunlight and midsections with the ultimate SuperFlex Foam for durability and easy arrow removal.

Today’s Natra Look targets are better than ever. Full size 3D target, superb details, ultra realistic, easy to see lines.

Please note this is not a stock item, however we do take orders for this product. Please contact us for ordering details.

The Natra Look Mule Deer is a full size target.

Mule Deer Statistics at a glance

  • Conservation Status – Least Concern
  • Zoological or species name – Odocoileus hemionus
  • Also known as – Deer
  • Native to – North America
  • Head & body length – 80″ or 203cm
  • Shoulder height – 40″ to 42″ or 101cm to 106cm
  • Speed – 35 mph or 56 kph


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