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Best Value recurve bow starter kit on the market

The Starter Archery R2 Recurve bow brings an astonishing level of value to what we would consider a starter bow. Never before has it been possible to get a full complete kit for well under $200, and a lot of potential archers have been deterred by the normally high cost of getting in to the sport. With the R2 recurve, you can now get going for ridiculously cheap, and see whether or not you like the sport. If you decide to stick with archery, the R2 will still last you a while, so there is no need to worry about upgrading quickly.

Constructed of cast aluminium, the R2 recurve bow riser or handle is tapped and threaded to allow the installation of sights, plungers or arrow rests, stabilizers and even a clicker. You would normally find these features on an Olympic quality recurve bow. The limbs are laminated maple hardwoods with a fiberglass coating for durability and flexibility. Complete with a custom dacron string, this is as much a bow as anything else you can buy, but incredibly forgiving on your bank account!

You will also receive a full package with the R2 recurve bow, and we mean a complete kit; there is even bow wax included. Check it out;

In case you were wondering what all the parts and accessories are for, we’ll break it down for you;

  • Arm Guard – protect the arm holding the bow, you’ll get string slap if your form is not spot on.
  • Finger Tab – protect your fingers from nerve damage and pinching when releasing the bow string.
  • 12x Arrows – fibreglass with shield cut vanes, basic, but insane value for a starter kit.
  • Bow string – a bow will not fire without a string!
  • String wax – maintains your string and protects it from the elements.
  • Arrow puller – helps grip arrows to retrieve from targets.
  • Allen keys – install and adjust accessories.
  • Riser – the handle of a bow.
  • Limbs – the arms of the bow, they determine how powerful the bow is.
  • Bow stringer – the best way to string your bow, always use this and de-string your bow when not in usage.
  • Arrow rest – self adhesive, line up with the hole on the riser pointing forward, this is what you fire the arrow off.
  • Hip quiver – keep your arrows on your side while on the go.
  • Bow sight – dial in and aim with this, you can also shoot the bow without it for a more traditional style.

Apex recommends purchasing nocking clips for the string, and a foam target if shooting at home!


Bow Size: 68 Inch full length

Riser length: 25 Inch

Mass Weight: 2.97lbs

Right Handed Only

Suited for adults

18-28lbs for ladies, 28-38lbs for men

Draw Weight

18, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 36, 38


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