Rookie – 25lbs Youth Compound Bow


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The Apex Rookie compound bow is sure to be a massive hit for any young archer. It has a super modern design and looks just like dads bow. The Rookie comes in a full package and includes everything they will need to get started.

This bow suit kids from 7-13 years old.

The Apex Rookie has an adjustable draw weight from 19-25 Lbs. This is really helpful as it allows the archer to select the draw weight that is comfortable for them.

unique feature of the Rookie is that is utilises a finger saver roller system. This allows the archer to shoot the bow smoothly without a finger tab yet protecting the fingers at the same time. This is great for young archers as it is so simple and effective.

This package includes everything a young archer will need. It comes with an adjustable 1 pin sight (aiming device), an arrow rest and a 2 piece quiver that holds 4 arrows. You also get an arm guard and a couple of 26 inch fiberglass kid’s arrows.

Bow Stand not included


  • 1 X Brand New Apex Rookie 25 Lbs Junior compound bow
  • 1 X Arm Guard (protects forearm from bowstring slap)
  • 1 X Arrow rest
  • 1 X 1 pin Adjustable Aiming Device
  • 1 X Quiver (hold 4 arrows and is bow mounted)
  • 2 X Fibreglass Arrows

Black, Camo, Green, Orange, Pink


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