Samick Red Stag – Traditional Recurve – 30lbs – Right Handed


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Die-hard traditional archers will love the Samick Red Stag 60-inch recurve bows. It’s a one-piece bow built solely for the traditional crowd. There are no accessory bushings for sights or rests, so you’ll be shooting off the shelf, or using a stick-on style rest. The combination of hard maple, walnut and white ash makes for a stunning bow.

Riser: Radiused, cut-on center shelf for shooting “off the shelf”‘ . Combination of laminated Hard Maple, Rosewood, Purple Heart and White Ash for a sublime, attractive finish.

Arrow Rest: NO Arrow Rest is included with the Red Stag. Apex Hunting recommends purchasing a Bear Hair Rest.

Limbs: Hard Maple core surrounded by black fiberglass. Reinforced bow tips allow the use of today’s modern bow strings.

String: The Red Stag Recurve Bow String is a BCY Dacron endless loop bow string. Manufacturer recommended brace height: 7.5″ – 8.25″. Replacement string length of 57″ recommended.

Available in Right  hand in 30#, 30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, and 60#. Please specify. If the model you are after is not listed online, you can contact us via phone or email to place an order.

Remember that with a traditional bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±2½ pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length. So a bow rated 45# @ 28″ bow is roughly a 42½# @ 27″ or 47½# @ 29″. Draw weight is marked at the nearest 5# increment to actual weight, (2#’s under and 3#’s over). This is an industry wide standard.

Bow stringer not included. A bow stringer is recommended for stringing any recurve bow or longbow. Stringing a bow without a bow stringer, or stringing it backwards will void a bow’s warranty. It is recommended to unstring your bow if you do not plan to be shooting more than once a week. Store your bow on its side, or hanging vertically from a peg. Never rest the bow on the lower tip for extended periods of time. Never dry fire the bow (shooting without an arrow).


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