Terra Firma T3 Fletched Arrows x12


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Terra Firma Archery have released a brand new and game changing micro diameter carbon shaft.

Utilizing industry leading technology and design, they have created the T1 and T3 series of Terra Firma arrow, a precision engineered carbon shaft, laser checked to perfection.

Combined with the best insert/outsert available on the market, what’s left is an outstanding, bulletproof hunting arrow.

Terra Firma arrows come in matching sets of 12 sorted to tight weight tolerances of +/-0.5 grains, with straightness ratings of up to +/-.003” and .001”, which means that the price tag makes these the cheapest arrows on the market at such a high quality.

Their ultra-rigid aluminium insert also wraps back over the shaft, and is by far the strongest and most reliable choice. It has been developed particularly to meet the weights that hunters effectively need, each spine size has a corresponding insert to match. Most other inserts for micro shafts are either too weak, do not fit properly or are not as streamlined as this. They have been rigorously tested and are proven in consistency. All Terra Firma inserts are checked for weight tolerances.

A big game insert is also available for Terra Firma arrows, for the hunters who want even more weight forward necessary for massive animals.

The T1 and T3 series are available as bare shafts, which include inserts and Bohning F Nocks. You can also order them pre-fletched with Bohning 2” Blazer vanes. Nock and Vane colours may vary, target tips are not included. T1 series are rated to +/-.001″ straightness tolerance, T3 is rated to +/-.003″. Please see other listings for your preferred set up.

Outsert Weight: 60gn


300, 350, 400, 500


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