TRU Ball Sweet Spot II Ultra Release


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T.R.U. Ball proved that they are the leader in release aids when they invented the Sweet Spot, the first release with variable firing positions for the same travel with every shot.

Sweet Spot II with patented features give you the same amount of travel each time you shoot the release. Push the thumb lever forward to draw your bow safely and release the thumb lever when you are ready to begin back tension and shoot.

The finest back tension training device to ever hit the archery market! The Sweet Spot is a perfect release for beginners to learn back tension because you don’t have to keep the pinky portion of the handle rotated forward while drawing.

With this revolutionary release aid from T.R.U. Ball, you can look forward to even more innovations. The first of those innovations is Sweet Spot II.

  • Variable firing positions – the amount of travel is set when you release the thumb lever
  • Easy to adjust sensitivity with only one set screw
  • Spring loaded head helps you re-load the release quickly
  • Hooks directly to a D Loop
  • Set release with super quick travel
  • Shorter head for more draw length
  • Knurled thumb pin acts as a thumb rest
  • CNC machined and assembled in the USA
  • Available in black only
  • Available 3 finger and 4 finger swept back handle. Please specify size

The inventor of back tension with variable firing positions. Leading technology. Proven results. Learn back tension safely with T.R.U. Ball Sweet Spot II Ultra 3 Finger release aid.


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