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Wildcrete’s Small Duiker 3D Foam Target is a unique small sized target for hunting and competitive archery practice. A lighter version of the standard Duiker, the small version is perfect for 3D archers looking for a more challenging shot.

The Duiker features 2 universal target zones and is composed of Wildcrete’s signature high quality self healing foam. This target is hand painted to closely simulate the fine details of the Duiker it depicts, giving it a strikingly lifelike quality.

This target is part of Wildcrete’s 3D African game and looks to emulate the Duiker, a small elusive animal that prefers thick scrub to open areas, making it a very hard game to bag. This target features a broadside killshot target zone and a quartering away shot, both with universal scoring rings for competitive scenarios as well as simulating real hunting situations.

A small to medium size target, the Duiker weighs in at 6.6kg, stands at 1000mm with a length of 700mm and width of 250mm. Apex Hunting recommends this target as a tough mid range shot or a very testing long range shot. Featuring universal scoring rings this target is an awesome selection for competitive and recreational archers alike looking for something unique to practice on. Apex Hunting recommends using lower poundage setups as well as target tips to  maximise the longevity of the target, however due to the high density of the foam most setups are viable. To make sure your target stays looking as new as possible please prioritise storing it in a dry place and out of sunlight with all arrows removed.

For any archer or club that wants to mix up their range the Small Duiker 3D Foam Target is an awesome addition that’s perfect for nailing down your shot. Available online and in store at Apex Hunting.


  •      Weight – 6kg
  •      Height – 1000mm
  •      Width – 300mm
  •      Length – 1000mm
  •      Scoring Zones – 2x broadside universal scoring rings – NASP Target
  •      Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery
  •      Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly
  •      High Density, self-healing foam
  •      One-piece construction
  •      Self-standing
  •      Recommended use with target tips
  •    Made in South Africa


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