Wildcrete Impala Female 3D Foam Target


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The Wildcrete Impala Female 3D Target is intended for recreational, competitive and hunting practice archery.

Formed from Wildcrete’s self healing foam, this target is perfect for competition archers and hunting archers looking to improve their form. This hand painted piece features two universal scoring ring broadside shots that are great for competitive shooting.

Part of the African Game series, this beautiful target represents the Impala Female that is found all over the African continent typically near woodlands and savannah.

The Impala Female is a large size target that weighs 16.9kg, stands at 1200mm, with a length of 1260mm and width of 300mm. Apex Hunting suggests placing your 3D target at a challenging longe range shot due to its size. It features two universal target zone rings on each broadside. These two targets zone’s combined with the target’s stunning hand painted realism makes the Impala Female a compelling addition for any individual club or archer looking to improve their 3D target range!

For the care of your target Apex Hunting recommends that when storing your product that it remains dry, out of sunlight and has all arrows removed after each shooting session. We recommend the use of lighter poundage setups to help increase the longevity of the target as well as the use of target tips. The use of the Impala Female stand will help improve the target’s use, we highly recommend this as a secondary purchase.

The Impala Female 3D target would make for a beautiful addition to any club or individual archer looking to add something powerfully unique to their target collection. Available online and in store!


  •      Weight – 16.9kg
  •      Height – 1200mm
  •      Width – 300mm
  •      Length – 12600mm
  •      Scoring Zones – x2 broadside shots – Group 3 Target
  •      Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery
  •      Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly
  •      High Density, self-healing foam
  •      Three-piece construction
  •      Stand recomended
  •      Recommended use with target tips
  •      Made in South Africa


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