Wildcrete Javelina 3D Foam Target


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The Wildcrete Javelina 3D Target is one of the best value targets for recreational and competitive 3D target shooting for your personal archery range.

Wildcrete’s Javelina is built from Wildcrete’s signature high density self-healing foam, made to last, this foam is hand-painted for realism. The high-quality foam allows for heaps of arrows to be put through!

This target is part of Wildcrete’s African Game series, and is designed simulate a Javelina, a ground burrowing pig native to Africa. Practice your perfect mid-range kills shot on this impressive looking target.

A small to medium size target, the Javelina weighs 6kg, measuring in at 540mm in height, 800mm in length and 290mm wide, this target is perfect for tricky mid-range shots. Featuring two broadside universal scoring rings, this lifelike target’s hand painted exterior makes it an amazing addition to any range. The Javelina is perfect for hunting simulation! Apex Hunting recommends keeping the target dry and out of the sun, as well as removing all arrows after each session to allow the foam to heal. Using lighter poundage bows with target tips will increase the longevity of the target however with the high durability of the foam combined with the economical replacement core, most setups are viable

Wildcrete’s Javelina is perfect for archers and clubs that are looking for a dependable and hardy target that looks great and is easily movable. Buy online or in store with Apex Hunting.


·      Weight – 6kg

·      Height – 540mm

·      Width – 290mm

·      Length – 800mm

·      Scoring Zones – x2 broadside shots – Universal rings – Group 3 Target

·      Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery

·      Hand painted; so, each is unique and may differ slightly

·      High Density, self-healing foam

·      One-piece construction with replaceable core

·      Recommended use with target tips

·      Made in South Africa


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