Wildcrete Leopard Large 3D Foam Target


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The Wildcrete Leopard 3D Target is designed for optimal competitive and hunting practice archery.

Composed of Wildcrete’s high density self healing foam, this exotic Leopard target is designed for hunters by hunters, with realistic broadside target zones with a replaceable core. This target can tank many arrows before it retires, making it perfect for competitive and recreational archery.

Part of the African Game series by Wildcrete, this target looks to simulate the solitary Leopard, known to be able to run up to 58km/h, this target simulates a dangerous animal in its prime.

The Leopard is a large target, sizing up at 1700mm long, 880mm tall and 350mm wide. Heavy duty it sits at 40.8kg, however it is composed of 3 parts which makes it much easier to transport and move around. Apex Hunting recommends placing this 3D target as a challenging mind to long range shot. It has two universal scoring ring target zones on its broadside. These two target zones as well as the target’s stunning realism makes it a perfect choice for recreational 3D target shooting.

We recommend using lighter poundage bows to boost the longevity of the target as well as target tips.

Additionally, to take care of your new target it is recommended that when storing the product you keep it dry, out of sunlight and have all arrows removed after each practice session.

Wildcrete’s 3D Leopard is an exotic and interesting addition for individuals and clubs alike, the featured target rings make for an awesome challenge. Buy online or instore at Apex Hunting.


  •     Weight – 40.8kg
  •     Height – 880mm
  •     Width – 350mm
  •     Length – 1700mm
  •     Scoring Zones – x2 broadside shot
  •     Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery
  •     Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly
  •     High Density, self-healing foam
  •     Three-piece construction
  •     Stand recomended.
  •     Recommended use with target tips


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