Wildcrete Nyala Bull 3D Foam Target


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The Wildcrete Nyala Bull Ram 3D Target is the perfect target for competitive archery practice and hunting simulation.

The Nyalla Bull Ram is designed with 2 broadside replaceable core universal target zones with a high density self healing foam composition. Its lifelike appearance makes it perfect for competitive archery and hunting practice.

Part of Wildcrete’s signature African game series, this target is painted by hand to replicate it’s real life counterpart to the closest possible extent, the Nyala bull is a beautiful creature that is native to southern Africa.

This target stands at an impressive 1680mm with the length of 1430mm and width of 460mm at a heavy duty 31.8kg. We recommend this goliath of a target to be used to refine your long range shot. It’s economical replaceable core feature also allows it to be used at closer ranges with a minimisation of cost. Apex Hunting recommends field tip points combined with lighter poundage bows to maximise the longevity of your purchase, as well as removing all arrows from the target before storing it somewhere dry and away from sunlight. It features a removable/replaceable core with universal scoring rings at its kill spots, making it an awesome choice for most 3D competition archers to simulate hunting and practice scenarios. The use of the Nyala Bull Ram stand will help improve the target’s use, we highly recommend this as a secondary purchase.

This target is perfect for any club or archer that is looking to purchase an impressive target that is high grade in quality and doubles up as an absolute stunner in your range.


  •      Weight – 31.8kg
  •      Height – 1680mm
  •      Width – 460mm
  •      Length – 1430mm
  •      Scoring Zones – x2 broadside shots – Universal rings – Group 1 Target
  •      Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery
  •      Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly
  •      High Density, self-healing foam
  •      Three-piece construction
  •      Stand recomended
  •      Recommended use with target tips
  •    Made in South Africa


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