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The Wildcrete Small Baboon 3D target is perfect for competition and recreational archery.

Featuring 2 target areas, the small Baboon 3D Target is an extremely lifelike and versatile foam animal designed to take a lot of arrows. Wildcrete’s self healing foam allows for unmatched durability and effortless arrow retrieval.

Part of the African Game Animals series from Wildcrete, the small Baboon is a unique target portraying one of the most despised animals by local farmers due to the destruction they cause. This 3D archery target is completely hand painted, offering the most realistic imitation of the male adult Baboon itself.

A small to medium size target, the Baboon weighs in at 7.8kg and sits firmly on the ground without need for a stand. Measuring at a height of 750mm, width of 460mm and length of 440mm, it can be used for a tricky mid-range shot or challenging long range. Universal scoring rings are widely accepted at most 3D competitions and also simulate hunting and practice scenarios. Apex Hunting recommends only using field tips, as broadheads can reduce the lifespan of your Wildcrete target much faster. Please also consider using lighter poundage bows to achieve the maximum performance of this target, however the Baboon Dad can be used with most setups.

For any archer or club that wants to mix up their target collection with something unique and fun, check out the Baboon 3D target from Wildcrete, available in store and online.


  • Weight – 7.8kg
  • Height – 750mm
  • Width – 460mm
  • Length – 440mm
  • Scoring Zones – 1x Frontal, 1x Back zones – Universal rings – NASP Target
  • Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery
  • Hand painted
  • High Density, self-healing foam
  • One-piece construction
  • Self-standing
  • Recommended use with target tips
  • Made in South Africa


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