Wildcrete Small Hyena 3D Foam Target


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The Wildcrete Small Hyena 3D Target is a unique small to medium sized target for recreational and competitive archery. A miniature version of the standard Hyena, this small version is perfect for those looking for a more compact target.

Featuring 2 broadside universal scoring ring target zones, this self healing foam target is designed with a durable replaceable core to maximise arrow use. Wildcrete’s signature quality foam makes this target a great addition for your archery needs.

Part of the African Game series by Wildcrete, this target portrays the African scavenger that is the dangerous Hyena. Hyena’s typically live in large communities and are typically a dangerous animal. Hand painted, this target depiction provides and attractive realism for simulative shooting.

A small to medium sized target, we recommend using this target at mid range shot. Standing at 654mm, with a length of 857mm and width of 175mm this target weighs in at 6.2kg, making it rather easy to move around your range! It features 2 target zones on both broadsides, these target zone rings are universal scoring rings and are viable for most 3D competition shooting standards, therefore are perfect for individual practice or club use. Apex Hunting recommends the use of lighter poundage bows to maximise the performance of the target, however due to it’s high density, it can be used with most setups. We also recommend the use of field tips, as broadheads will reduce the lifespan of your target much faster.

This Small Hyena target would make a great addition to any club or archer looking for an economical and unique target to spruce up their range. Available online and in store.


  •      Weight – 6.2kg
  •      Height – 654mm
  •      Width – 175mm
  •      Length – 857mm
  •      Scoring Zones – 2x broadside shots – Universal rings – NASP Target
  •      Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery
  •      Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly
  •      High Density, self-healing foam
  •      One-piece construction
  •      Self-standing
  •      Recommended use with target tips


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